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Newsletter November 2019
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German Home Tuition | Christmas in Germany by TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE

German Home Tuition
๐ŸŽ… We're open for Christmas ๐ŸŽ…!
Do you have plans for Germany around Christmas? We have just the offer to entertain you. Live and learn German 1-on-1 in the house of your private German teacher, enjoy the Christmas season with a German family and profit from an individual Christmas program full of magic. Treat yourself, your partner or your child and enjoy the festive spirit in the beautiful UNESCO city of Bamberg in Bavaria. Your German will improve considerably and you will retain lasting memories of a very special time. We make Christmas wishes come true!

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Literature in German language
Peter Handke wins the Nobel Prize for Literature 2019
Just a few days ago, Peter Handke has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature 2019. The 76-year-old Austrian playwright, novelist and poet who has published over 80 works won it for "his influential work" that with linguistic ingenuity has explored the periphery and the specificity of human experience". He is a one of the mostly read German speaking authors of our times. More about German-speaking authors is found here:
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Practice German: days of the week and times
Practice German
Days of the week and times
If you don't want to miss an important date, you should be sure when dealing with weekdays and times. You can now practice this in a playful manner as shown by the Deutsche Welle (DW) in a sequence in their online course "Nicos Weg". How to incorporate this into your lessons is shown here:
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Application in Germany: What to do about stress situations in a job interview
Application in Germany
What to do about stress situations in a job interview?
Who hasn' t had this experience in a job interview: The HR manager asks a simple question and you start to sweat and to move forth and back on your chair. To counteract such an unpleasant situation, please find are some tips below:
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Deutsch perfekt โ€“ the July issue
Language magazine for learning German
Deutsch perfekt โ€“ The party can come: a Christmas book
For many, it is typically German: Christmas. Reason enough to have a closer look at the phenomenon in a special edition of "Deutsch perfekt" - a magazine only about the festive advent season. How do Germans celebrate X-mas? Why is the Christmas tree so important to them? And why do not all Germans call it a Christmas tree? What makes advent a special time? Where are the most beautiful Christmas markets? The language magazine "Deutsch Perfect" talks about all these topics in December. Order now below
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