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Here students will find some useful resources for their study life in Germany. In most cases, you firstly try to socialize, to orient oneself at University, to get a job or to meet other obligations. Here, you will find some ways which might make some things easier.

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Note: In order to benefit from this kind of information as much as possible, you should have a solid knowledge of German.

Start to study in Germany

Here are the most practical tips if you decide to study in Germany. By the way: Germany is one of the most attractive locations for international students worldwide because of the safe enviroment and low study costs.

  • The German government with their informative page and their "Five steps to studying in Germany".
  • DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst) with their tips "10 steps to studying in Germany"
  • contains detailed and accurate information about learning German. It is also translated in 10 languages.

Student networks on the Internet

Participation in a virtual network is indispensable for any student more. Here are the most importants:

  • facebook, THE international social network with millions of people from all over the world

Student magazines on the Internet

In every German university and canteen you will find a lot of information on students' everyday life: Learning tips, summer jobs, going out. Here are the online versions of the most popular student magazines:

  • Good service information about student life in Germany and fresh news daily
  • very reasonable student subscriptions for many newspapers and magazines
  • JuraMagazin: Juramagazin is a law magazine published by German students.
  • The oldest German student magazine with good tips for learning techniques, careers and advanced education

Online Magazines:

Useful hints for students everyday life

German and international student organizations

  • AIESEC, the international association of students studying economics
  • ELSA, the international organization of students studying law
  • IAESTE, the international organization of technical students
  • RCDS (Ring christlich-demokratischer Studenten): religious-orientated student association
  • if you are looking for local organizations, please have a look at the internet directory of with the keywords "Studentische Organisationen", "Politische Hochschulgruppen", "Religiöse Gruppen", "Kirchliche Gruppen" or "Studentenverbindungen"

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