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German class 1-to-1 in the Home-Tuition-Programme
German class 1-to1 in
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"Deutsche Sprache - schwere Sprache" (German language - difficult language): This traditional saying could be often heard when someone has particularly hard times with the German grammar. If you want to learn proper German, you can hardly avoid working systematically with the grammar and to practice it. The quickest and most effective method to learn German is to participate an intensive course at a language school in Germany. During your training they will uns a modern textbook and during the conversation lessons the newly acquired knowledge will be directly applied and improved.
Here you'll find sources to help you to understand and to practice German grammar. Please write us if you know further sources.

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Explanations about German Grammar

Grammar exercises and tools online

  • Improve your German, your knowledge about Germany or solve the exercises only to have fun! On the pages of Michael Möbius from the University of Helsinki in Finland you will find exercises of various language levels below (explanations in German).
  • You can find our exercises in the course materials category - free to download .
  • Course materials 'Grunddeutsch/DaF': a collection of about 100 work sheets and course materials with bilingual explanations (German/English) offers Nancy Thuleen.
  • German Web Exercises: The "German Internet chronicle" by Andreas Lixl-Purcell of the University of North Carolina provides a collection of about 40 exercises for all language levels (explanations in English).
  • Materials for German grammar of the Goethe-Institut
  • Udo Klinger and his Animierte Grammatiklektionen
  • German Internet Exercises another Service from Andreas Lixl-Purcell
  • - a conjugation site that offers a full search of any conjugated German verb, translations, examples and other information to help with German conjugation. Note: The Cooljugator is available not only for German but for a total of 45 languages from Africaans to Vietnamese.

Software for grammar training

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WinLernen Diktate und Grammatik.

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Lehr- und Übungsbuch der deutschen Grammatik. Buch und CD-ROM
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