Deutsch Perfekt - das Sprachmagazin für Deutsch als Fremdsprache der gleiche Inhalt in deutscher Sprache

The language magazine for all learning " German as a foreign language "

 Deutsch perfekt aktuelle Ausgabe

For German learners there is now a new training tool available: " Deutsch perfekt ".

This monthly language magazine offers reports from Germany, Austria and Switzerland for all language levels: for beginners to advanced student. It includes a mix of articles about society, politics, culture and everyday life.

Vocabulary explanations in simple German is available on every page and an extensive language part supplies with tips to improve the knowledge of German.

In addition to the magazine there is a supplement included: /Deutsch perfect plus/: This training section offers every second months practical exercises to extend the language knowledge as well as a test to the checking the learning progress.

Curious? There is a foretaste under

The Best of all: Readers of get this language magazine for a special price. Order below:

Many German learners of Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT are enthusiastic about " Deutsch perfekt ". Whether you'd like to treat yourself, or buy a gift subscription for a German speaking friend, order below today!

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