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Learning German down to the point with a private teacher via online chat like Skype, ZOOM ..., Netmeeting, Facebook-Messenger or telephone & e-mail. You can study German adapted to your personal schedule from any place. Whether you are interested in basics, building up or updating your knowledge of German, you will be able to reach your personal learning goal individually.

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The course was originally conceived for language students what had attended courses at the TREFFPUNKT Institute of Languages in Bamberg and wanted to continue learning at home, often with the same teacher and course material. This course has been such a success that we have decided to make it more widely available.

Course example: You will find our language programme in detail here:

In designing your course, we examine your personal and career background, your current knowledge and wishes. From our experience, the key factors are:

  • Your motivation for learning the language
  • How much you wish to invest in your course (We mean time just as much as money)

There is no doubt that for intensive learning you cannot beat a German course in Germany or a full time or one-to-one course with a teacher near you at home. However if you can?t find such a course near you and a trip to Germany is not possible, and you would like to have flexible one-to-one lessons with an experienced teacher, we can recommend Lessons-by-Skype*, which is about as close to one-to-one teaching at home as it gets. All you need is a solid Internet connection and a headset.

Privat-Online-Unterricht DEUTSCH 2023

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Privat-Online-Unterricht DEUTSCH 2023

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What will be the costs of the course and how can I start?

Because it is a new type of language training many students decide first for a "starter package" of € 50 . This includes 2 lessons (2 x 45 minutes) online tuition va Skype with a private teacher plus 15 minutes system test and introduction.

If you have any further questions please send us an email or call us on +49 951 204404

* You can download the Skype program free from www.skype.com. Of course, if you only wish to improve your oral skills, then we can also arrange telephone lessons, and for those who wish to concentrate on their written language skills, we can offer email-based online learning. Any of these forms can be combined with each other or with our German courses in Germany.

Details about our programme

Below our website www.traingerman.com you can find all futher information.

What kind of headset is recommended?

There are a lot of poor "Internet" headsets on the market. From our experience this is a false economy, as good sound quality is a vital factor in online learning. The most popular headset used by our students (and also recommended by Skype) is the Microsoft LifeChat which is available in two versions.

Microsoft LifeChat LX-6000 Headset black
(Skype certified)

Microsoft LifeChat LX-6000

very good voice quality, comfortable to wear even on permanent use, no connection problems with Windows operating systems

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deutsch lernen skype

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Klipsch Image S4i In-Ear-headset with microphon for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch 2
Acoustic experience in studio quality, integrated in-line microphone with convenient call answer and stop button, works with iPod, iPhone and other portable devices

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Important: We are very concerned about the current internet links. We would be very grateful if you could report dead links to us. Send an e-mail to info@learn-german-online.net.

>>> Do you want to learn German effectively and fun? We recommend a One-to-One training during a Home Tuition Program provided by Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE based in Bamberg/Germany.

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