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Newsletter September 2020

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German Online Training for free

German online training | groups for FREE
Ready to rock your German online?
1-to-1 lessons on individual a topics + free group lessons.
Our offer is for all of you who want to learn German fast and efficiently. Make yourself familiar with our professional live courses. How? Book one 1-to-1 lesson and join our free group sessions. Next free group session: Sunday, October 4th, 6pm-7pm(UTC+2). Topic: When to choose accusative, when dative - how do you know?

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virtual classes

German Home Tuition : course location
Our city - the UNESCO World Heritage Bamberg
Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE is located in Bamberg, a re-known UNESCO world heritage in Northern Bavaria. Since travelling is not feasible for everyone, we would like to entertain you with 2 films about our city. A film without words (2:51): and an amateur film: "My city, our world heritage (4:58)" featuring two aliens whose spaceship crashes in Bamberg.

Land in Bamberg, too! Live and study in the house of your private German teacher and explore together Bamberg.

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Tips for learning German: Material collection

Why learn German
Just add German!
We all know that learning foreign languages has its advantages. But why should you choose German? The Goethe Institute in the USA put down 5 reasons:
1. Future • improve your career opportunities
2. Thirst for knowledge • immerse into German history and culture
3. Stand out • on the job market with your profile
4. Adventure • make new contacts in German speaking countries
5. Curiosity • learn a new language and get an insight into a new society

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