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Newsletter May 2020
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German culture and language
DenkMAL part II | Joseph Beuys
In our first live interview with the artist Ralf Metzenmacher we talked about his painting of Ludwig van Beethoven. In our second live interview we will talk about the performance artist and controversial person Joseph Beuys. Our German language project "Let's chat and find out about art and people" wants to entertain you, show novelties, inform you and offer you a platform to train your German. Link to join the Zoom-Meeting May 15th, at 9pm

>>> Invitaion video
German online training taster lesson with ZOOM | FREE
Online class room | free
Online lesson | topic: der, die, das – how do you know?
For all of you who could not take part in our free online class working on the German articles, please find the presentation slides and a video link: - condensed from 1:15 hours to 9:45 minutes.
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Preparation for the German Abitur - orally or in writing
Learn German Online
3 Tips when studying online
1. Set down objectives for your language course
Describe your language goal for yourself and to your trainer. Reflect and communicate how much time you want to invest in your training. Set up a schedule for learning and keep track of it.
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