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Newsletter May 2019
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Living in the house of the teacher 2019
Immerse into the lifestyle in Germany
Are you facing a personal reorientation or a break? This might be the right time to immerse into the German culture and language. Take a break with us, and choin our a Home Tuition Courses. Study Geman the UNIQUE way, not as a tourist, but live and learn German in the home of your private teacher. Experience the picturesque region of Norther Bavaria with your host. Alexandra introduces the program in a short personal video >>>.

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The German Grammar
The German Grammar: When do you use ihr / ihre / Ihr / Ihre?
Confusion! Ihr? Ihre? ihr? ihre? Either capitalized or small, with a verb or in front of a noun or even alone as a dative object. Finally a summary that lists all ways of usage on one single chart. Check it out and let us know what you think of it and if it is helpful!
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Language courses in Bamberg
Job change in Germany
The first days: now or never!
Changing jobs is a routine for many employees. However, if you change too often in a profession of high expertice, this is still regarded as a lack of adaptability. In the end everyone must feel when it is the best time to go or to stay. Here you will find the best tips by TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE to make your job change a success:
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German school in Bamberg
Invitation to the TREFFPUNKT Summer Party!
Under the slogan "Language changes everything", TREFFPUNKT celebrates it´s annual Summer Party on June 27th. We heartly invite you to party with us from 5:00 pm. We will serve the legendary TREFFPUNKT beer and a tasty choice of food. On top of that you will meet again the whole TREFFPUNKT team! A very good idea: Combine a German course at TREFFPUNKT with our Summer Party! Hope to see you soon! Find here impressions of the past year:
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Deutsch perfekt – the July issue
Language magazin for German
Deutsch perfekt – the July issue
Learn German the easy way with the language magazine "DEUTSCH PERFEKT". Its entertaining mix of information on German-speaking regions and language training will improve your German skills. A new issue is published every month. The main themes of the July issue are: "The language of traveling "- an entertaining encyclopedia of travel and "A summer on Süderoog" holidays in Wadden Sea in the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein.
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