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Newsletter June 2020


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German culture and language
DenkMAL serie V | Nina Hagen
In our last live interview with the artist Ralf Metzenmacher we talked about his painting of Adolph Kolping, a German priest and social reformer. This time we will focus on a completely different person - the exceptional German singer, punk and actress Nina Hagen. Let yourself be entertained and surprised. Join our German language project "Let's chat and find out about art and people" , join our discusssion live on ZOOM July 3rd, at 9pm (UTC+2)

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virtual classes

General schools outside of Germany
For German school teachers abroad
This year many schools around the world planed to travel to Germany with their German students. They wanted to have a live experience in the country with the people and practice their German. The pandemic crisis stopped all travel plans. So why not bring a bit of Germany to your classroom and integrate us in your German class? An Australian secondary school joined us for this pilot project. We all had lot's of fun, we all felt it was very different to the common German class and that this was an exceptional authentic experience.

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job application during crises

searching for a new job
Job and application in times of crisis
In times of crisis unemployment rapidly grows in a variety of industries. The number of applicants trying to find a job on a reduced job market is increasing. This makes it the more important to lift ones own quality as an applicant. Here are the 3 most important tips to remember.

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