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Newsletter June 2018
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Course books for online learning
course material
Course books for online learning
Online lessons with a teacher often use a printed text book, too. If you want to build up your language skills systematically, a text book will support you.
We have just updated our list of textbooks for German as a foreign language for the GeR level A1, on general German and business German
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Having trouble with the voice transmission - why a good headset is important
equipment for learning online
Having trouble with the voice transmission - why a good headset is important
Good understanding is everything. If you want to talk via Internet, especially in a training situation, you need a high-quality headset. Which type of headset you choose depends on the usage situation: mobile, at home, desktop, notebook or tablet? Important is not only the hearing and speech quality, but also the impact of noise and the wearing comfort. We are presenting some tried-and-tested models:
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Du and Sie in German
German business etiquette
From now on, we address each other with the informal "Du" - only the clients address each other the formal way
What was only possible in smaller advertising agencies,is now common practice even in larger companies in Germany: The culture of the "informal you" within a department but also across hierarchies. Some bosses really want to push that topic, and to boost it, they even have it written down into the guidelines of "how to communicated within the company". Anyone who does not want to loose out should follow theses these tips: Salutation: "the informal" or "the formal" way?
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Deutsch Perfekt – the language magazine for German
Language magazine news
Deutsch Perfekt –
the July issue

Learn German the easy way with the language magazine "DEUTSCH PERFEKT". Its entertaining mix of information on German-speaking regions and language training will improve your German skills. A new issue is published every month. The main themes of the July issue are: 111 things about Germany that no-one needs to know - but anyone who knows them, enjoys them. And more about translation services on the Internet: how good are they nowadays?
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