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German Home Tuition SPEZIAL:
language course updates
German Home Tuition SPECIAL:
Skiing & Carnival 2017
Practice your German and parallel spend cheerful days on the ski slopes together with your private teacher and her family. Our special offer is for those who would like to combine an intensive German training with skiing and fun. The next starting dates will be February 20 and 27 and March 6 and 13, 2017
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Intensive Germen course in Bamberg linked with an online German course via Skype
Student experiences
Intensive German course in Bamberg linked with an online German course via online chat like Skype, ZOOM ...
To learn German quickly and continuously, Dave from California attended a German intensive course in Bamberg in November 2015. From March 2016 onwards he trained his German in an individual online course via online chat like Skype, ZOOM .... In November 2016 he returned to Bamberg and since December 2016 he is learning German again online via online chat like Skype, ZOOM ... at Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE . Read the personal interview with the director of TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE , Alexandra von Rohr, in November 2016 and learn about his learning experience in Bamberg and online.
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Guide Business Etiquette in Germany + eBook for FREE
Behaviours in Germany
Guide Business Etiquette in Germany + eBook for FREE
Enjoy yourself or give it away as a small gift to start in 2017: Order the bilingual book "Business etiquette in Germany - More than manners" (435 pages) and you will receive the e-book (worth 20.99 euro) for free. Order now, limited availability. Offer valid until Friday, January 13, 2017!
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Deutsch lernen: Ein Leitfaden für Selbstlerner und Unterstützer
Living in Germany
Learning German: Guide for self-study and supporters
Learning a new language does not only require high motivation but also a well-filled wallet. While the motivation is an absolute priority, more and more people want or are forced to learn a language with no or very little budget. Their solution is to put together programmes for self-paced learning, to join a self-study group or to try to find sponsored group courses. We have collected the best tips here:
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Deutsch Perfekt –
language magazine news
Deutsch Perfekt –
the January issue

Learn German the easy way with the language magazine "DEUTSCH PERFEKT". Its entertaining mix of information on German-speaking regions and language training will improve your German skills. A new issue is published every month. The main topics of this month is "Language of the Winter – the most important words for the cold season" and other interesting topics
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