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Newsletter February 2019
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German business courses online

German Course 1-to-1
German Home Tuition 2019 – going beyond
The culture of each country or community is sometimes complex to understand if we're not totally immersed. We aim to go beyond the regular tourist experience by offering the opportunity to have an authentic interaction with Germans when studying the language. For this reason, the concept "course at the teacher's home" is an ideal concept, it brings together what belongs together: The learning of a language with the experience of its culture in an authentic environment.

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Course books for online learning
Preparation for the German Abitur
Training in Abitur English 2019
The countdown to the 2019 Abitur has begun. If you want to be well prepared for the English exam and are looking for professional targeted training with a flexible schedule, try TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE's one-to-one sessions via online chat like Skype, ZOOM .... Trainers are experienced native speakers that have demonstrated excellent teaching results. Book our special price starter package and enjoy 2 trial sessions.
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Language courses in Bamberg
Language courses in Bamberg
Guaranteed Excellence! 
The Bamberg Sprachinstitut TREFFPUNKT has been certified in accordance with the European language study tour providers standard EN 14804
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Job application in Germany
Jon application in Germany
Proper job applications: 5 tips to avoid cancellations
They say there are so many open jobs in Germany in particular if you have a higher qualification. On the other hand, applicants often report that they have sent many applications without success.
How does this go together? We have picked 5 points that you should write down in your CV and which you should consider when applying for a job.
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Deutsch Perfekt – the language magazine for German
Language magazine news
Deutsch Perfekt –
the February issue

Learn German the easy way with the monthly language magazine "DEUTSCH PERFEKT". It offers an entertaining mix of information on German-speaking regions. Language training tasks will improve your German skills. The major themes of the February issue are "The Germans and their emotions" and " 111 evil words in German, uncensored".
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