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German Home Tuition SPEZIAL:
Skiing & studying German
Learn German during Carnival or on Easter in the mountains!
Sunshine, powder snow and German lessons? German in a cosy cottage and afterwards up on the hill with your private teacher. Studying German that way is effective, too. Activate your muscles and your brain. Expose yourself to German in the mountains with your private teacher at your side! Contact us.
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How helpful are language magazines when you study languages?
tips for learning German
How helpful are language magazines when you study languages?
If you pursue ambitious goals in language learning, you should do everything to keep your learning motivation high. Language magazines will help you. The contents are up-to-date, informative and versatile and on top they support you with your vocabulary training. Here are some examples we found for you.
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Guide Business Etiquette in Germany + eBook for FREE
Behaviours in Germany
Personal Training – the job Interview
Having a job invitation is great and very exiting thing. However, it is also one of the biggest challenges for most job-seekers in the application process. That is why many look for an opportunity to simulate the job interview with their personal coach, to learn about how to avoid mistakes and how to reduce their personal nervousness. How that works read here.
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Deutsch lernen: Ein Leitfaden für Selbstlerner und Unterstützer
Living in Bamberg
TREFFPUNKT Bamberg happily helps children of Bamberg
TREFFPUNKT Language Institute welcomes students from all over the world week by week who learn German in intensive courses. They all love the warm and friendly atmosphere and the small size of the classes. But in Bamberg, there are also many people who have no access to such courses and who however need support in German language. TREFFPUNKT Language Institute now sponsors the homework tutoring offered by the "Löwenzahn" center in the eastern part of Bamberg. The first meeting of sponsors and children was full of cordial encounters!
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Deutsch Perfekt –
language magazine news
Deutsch Perfekt –
the March issue

Learn German the easy way with the language magazine "DEUTSCH PERFEKT". Its entertaining mix of information on German-speaking regions and language training will improve your German skills. A new issue is published every month. The main themes of the March issue are: German at the doctor: How does the German health system and Germany, your films: The best classics and insider tips for learning German
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