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German at Easter
Learning German
German - Easter 2018
Many have started this year to learn German and want to extend their knowledge aiming at developing communication skills needed in business life. Are you also one of the autodidacts who told us that our free German lessons were a fantastic starting point to get into German? We were very happy to learn that these exercises were the trigger for some of you to start (again) with German. If you are looking for a teacher-supervised professional training, test our 2-lesson German online training via online chat like Skype, ZOOM ... with your private teacher. Let yourself be inspired and experience fun + success learning German with a real trainer. Contact us now – "German begins at the end of your comfort zone!"
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New German Youth Program
New German Youth Program
Learn! Experience! Have fun!
A great youth program full of activities is offered in Bamberg for young learners from 14 to 17. Learning, experiencing and having fun! Two types of courses are on offer - the "German Exam-Course" with 26 lessons per week and the "German Active-Course" with 20 lessons per week plus a personalized leisure program and practical lessons during all meals for both courses. The full program can be downloaded as a pdf. in English:
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Courses TREFFPUNKT Bamberg
Courses TREFFPUNKT Bamberg
Easter eggs are oval – and the ball is round!
Spend the football summer in the land of the World Champions! In the mornings, you will learn German and in the afternoons, you will have the opportunity to watch the World Cup games in a unique atmosphere in town squares, in beer gardens, and pubs together with many fans from Bamberg. There will be special additional lectures on "football vocabulary", so you can take part in the important discussions after the games.
Book your German Course at TREFFPUNKT Language Institute from June 18th 2018 to July 14th 2018! If Germany plays in the final, we will give you two extra nights with a host family for free, so we can watch the final on July 15th together!
The offer is valid for all bookings up to May 1st. Just add the keyword "Fußball WM" to your registration!.
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students comments on German-via-Skype
German Online courses - opinions
New students comments on German-via-Skype
In the last few months we have received lots of nice spontaneous comments and feedbacks from our German online learners. The conclusion is that that that diligence and continuity pay off and studying is fun and leads to success eventually if you continue with German. You will find the comments on our website:
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Deutsch Perfekt – the language magazine for German
Language magazine news
Deutsch Perfekt –
the May issue

Learn German the easy way with the language magazine "DEUTSCH PERFEKT". Its entertaining mix of information on German-speaking regions and language training will improve your German skills. A new issue is published every month.
The main topic of the upcoming May issue will be "Understand Germany". Let yourself be inspired!
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