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Gemeinsame Freizeitaktivitäten bei TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE
Internship in a Bamberg Brewery
German universities have been popular places for students from all over the world. For some programs you don't even need to speak German, as English is the language of instruction.

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There are numerous questions and topics to be dealt with. Contacts with local authorities are inevitable, unfortunately you cannot expect to communicate in English. If something remains unclear, you have to use an interpreter. Also the official forms are often only available in German. If you want to work or do an internship in addition to your university studies, good knowledge of German is a must. In the following, we give a few advice to the issues and questions that might arise:

This page in under Gemeinsame Freizeitaktivitäten bei TREFFPUNKT-ONLINEconstruction.

  • Visa for Germany: contact the immigration authorities
  • Certificate of enrollment
  • Internship versus working student "Werkstudent"
  • Previous professional knowledge
  • Knowledge of German
  • German exam A1-A2:
    • What are the topics?
    • What do you need?
    • How do you best prepare?
    • How do I know that I am prepared enough to pass the exam?
  • Income & Taxes
  • The application: cover letter, résumé and documentation
  • Employment contract with the companies
  • Change of legal regulations
  • Loss of job and status
  • Searching for a job while studying
  • Job search after graduation

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