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Popular route planning services on the Internet are:

  1. MSN route planning :
  2. Map & Guide :
  3. Map24 :
  4. ViaMichelin :

    * regarding a detailed test in the magazine (source)

Here are a couple of practical tips from personal experience:

  • If search options are offered I recommend you choose the "fastest way" ("schnellste Strecke"). If you choose "the shortest way" ("kürzeste Strecke“), you will be given a route with many slow roads with bends, narrow streets etc. You may see a lot of beautiful landscapes, but the trip can easily take twice the time as the fastest route.
  • Although the online mapping services are a great help to find the right way, you should always pay attention to the signposts on the roadside and check the way in a conventional road map before and during the journey.

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