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Are you fit with German grammar? "Not always and not in every situation" is a common answer that Alexandra von Rohr, head of the TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE language institute, hears from her language students. Against this background she took up some important grammar topics and, between July 2020 and March 2021, she explained them in online group lessons as free 'trial lessons' via ZOOM.

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For reading and self-learning the accompanying documentation is now available online for free download:

  1. der, die, das - how do you know?pdf Dokument herunterladen
  2. accusative, dativ - which one to pick when?pdf Dokument herunterladen
  3. two-way prepositions - wohin? wo?pdf Dokument herunterladen
  4. adjectiv declination - crazy but feasibelpdf Dokument herunterladen
  5. subjunctive - Konjunktiv IIpdf Dokument herunterladen - part 1
  6. subjunctive - Konjunktiv IIpdf Dokument herunterladen - part 2
  7. comparative - Komperativpdf Dokument herunterladen
  8. superlativepdf Dokument herunterladen

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We wish you success and fun while learning German!.

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