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Deutsch / English - Handhelds for professional translation

in English Franklin BOOKMAN - Handhelds for professional translations
The state-of-the-art hardware uses the high quality PONS-dictionaries (e.g. English/Spanish/French/Italian) from Klett, and can be expanded by snap-in ROM-cards containing additional programs and dictionaries.

auf Deutsch Franklin BOOKMAN - Elektronische Übersetzer auf höchstem Niveau
Die BOOKMAN-Serie ist der Bestseller auf dem deutschsprachigen Markt: hochwertige Hardware in verschiedensten Sprachausführungen "gefüttert" mit kompletten PONS-Wörterbüchern (z.B. in Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch, Italienisch) von Klett. DER CLOU: jedes BOOKMAN-Basisgerät kann durch zusätzliche Sprachmodule erweitert werden.

in English language Learners in our TREFFPUNKT language school are especially happy with the model BOOKMAN DBD- 1450L, which has the following features:

  • German-English pocket dictionary that contains over 1,9 million words, inflections and translations
  • over 2,200 travellers phrases and cultural information
  • spell correction
  • advanced verb conjugation
  • My Word List
  • Learn-a-Word
  • Grammar Guide
  • TOEFL®* Test Word List
  • Crossword Solver
  • Extendible: Bibliothecs on BOOKMAN ROM-cards and Internet downloads
  • Further: seven word games, calculator with currency and metric converters, and a databank that stores up to 100 entries

  • PLUS German synonym dictionary with 45.000 words; alternative word suggestions ensure best translations from German to English
  • PLUS CD with Lexiface-Euro for Windows PC's with 50.000 keywords and inflections in every language (en/fr/es/it)

Price: € 129

Click here to receive this outstanding electronic dictionary:

 Franklin Bookman 1440

On the the manufactures e-shop are also other models available. Visit Franklin Electronic Publishers.

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